There’s plenty more where that came from

March 11, 2010

Much like the idea for the book in the first place, occasionally I get an idea and there’s only one way to get it out of my head, the result being the image you see here.

Amazingly, I’m nearing the halfway point in book pages, and they look fantastic. Van and I are pretty psyched about the direction the story has taken.  Be prepared for some teasers coming soon. For right now, just get excited. The second book is filled up with more of everything (including pages!).

Before I go back to the drawing board I’d like to thank the creative writing professors and the students at UCA for having me over to talk about the book and give a reading of the comic on Friday. Until then I wasn’t sure how fun a comic reading could be.


One Response to “There’s plenty more where that came from”

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